We have complete Q/C system , modern  integrated production facilities , and assembly line .Co-world Technology Co.,Ltd focuses the operations of design, production , control and assembly at its operations plant .Suppliersare selected according to their the quality control makes the selections together with the laboratory.

Each different number besides to the production flowchart indicates each different control phase(as shown in the next pages). 
Highly qualified personnel carry out every control and check , according to EN ISO 12312-1 personal eye protection for sunglasses Regulation 425/2016/EU.


To guarantee the highest level of quality of our product during the time , Co-world Technology co.,Ltd Applies , randomly from available stock , in our production plant sited in TAIWAN R.O.C / 30-2 Chung Sha Village, An Ting Shiang-74554 TAINAN City , the following type tests :

Interpretation of the result of the results :

  • Every requirement shall be in conformity with as required. PPE is defined as equipment designed and manufactured to be worn or held by a person for protection against one or more risks to that person's health or safety.
  • In case of negativeresult(s) Co-world Technology co.,ltd will actany necessary action(s) in order to assure the declared high quality of goods
  • Machineries are well and regularly calibrated and test(s) are performed under supervision or by an expert and trained personnel.
  • Non-compliance products are not allowed to the market.
  • Only conform items are accepted according with EN ISO 12312-1:2013 personal eye protection for sunglasses Regulation 425/2016/EU.